Who Are The Best Villains?

We all have had an argument or two about this topic, about whom we view as the best villains of all time. I am including villains that are both fictional and non-fictional (bad-guys/dictators etc.) in a list of 11. I will give a little description of why each one is rated as such.

1. The Joker (Batman)

Let us be honest the Joker is bad, bad man, but in a good way, I think. I mean he is psychotic and loves to cause chaos, but he is not specific on who he causes chaos to, so in all technicalities he is a fair villain. He was normal at one point so one cannot help but feel a slither of understanding towards him and realize that could happen to us as well. We could have one bad day that makes us snap and make us similar to the Joker.

2. Alexander The Great

I am going to be completely honest with you, out of all the dictators out there he is one of the best one’s out there. In fact, I admire him, if I had the chance to be a dictator I would want to be like him except maybe have goals that are more realistic and not overextend my resources. Overall, he did a wonderful job; he was a kind and giving dictator, and he did get pretty far and conquered quite a bit of land. What other dictator has done that, Hitler, nope, Ceaser, nope, so who is the greatest? It is Alexander.

3. Pennywise The Dancing Clown (IT Steven King) & Twisty The Clown

First off, let’s get one thing clear. Clowns are scary; anyone who says otherwise is crazy or has no sense of survival. Maybe some like 25% are okay but in general, now in day’s films and real life they are somewhat scary.

Pennywise is just one scary dude. He is a supernatural, extraterrestrial serial killer. He is scary and he preys on and will eat anyone, but he likes children more, and makes your fears come to life in front of you. Moreover, who in their right mind doesn’t think, “We all float down here” who wouldn’t be freaked out by that? Yes, he can be defeated I guess, but who would willing face IT or really want to keep its memories of IT—not me.

Remember Twisty, from American Horror Story Freakshow, the unfortunate clown who was mistook as a child pedophile. He was already an outcast in the circus, so how does a possible reputation as a pedophile help his reputation it does not. Therefore, after having his life ruined and overcome with depression he decided to shoot himself with a shotgun to end his life. Only problem for him is that he did not die, except his jaw was extremely disfigured.

He became a malevolent outcast that killed and kidnapped people, I am still am not sure why completely. Maybe he wanted love, or acceptance, or just to get revenge for his horrible life, either way he was . . . evil, mean, and bad. Pick anyone of these words and they fit him.

4. Amanda Waller (Suicide Squad)

This woman is by far one of the worst comic book government official villain. Some may call her a hero, but I think she is a monster similar to the criminals she puts in jail. She is no different from any modern corrupt government official; she will do anything to reach her goals, even if it means betrayal or ruthlessness. I think she is a bad woman who may do somethings for her country but I believe mostly all her aims are selfish, so I wonder why is she not in jail?

5.Big Bad Wolf (The Three Little Pigs)

A classic bad guy is the Big Bad Wolf. He may not be the smartest of them all, but he is clever; not as clever as the eldest pig, but smarter than the two younger pigs.

The younger pig brothers are naïve and carefree, and the wolf can use that since they were stupid enough to build their houses out of straw and sticks. Strong wind vs. weak building material, who wins? Strong wind. If their eldest brother did not build his house of bricks, or even, let them in they would have been goners. If the wolf was patient and did not lose his temper, he could maybe have come closer to outsmarting the eldest pig and gotten himself some bacon and ham.

6. Gollum (Lord Of The Rings)

Gollum is . . . well, he is sort of a villain, but really more of a self-obsessed fool, who could not resist the temptation of the ring.

So much so that he would kill anyone who had it and in the end follow the ring into a boiling pit of lava. He is not dumb by any means, he has two sides of his personality and they know how to manipulate people to get “their precious”.

7. Jigsaw (SAW)

This dude here is a cancer survivor, that in itself is good, but the bad part is he decided he needed to put individuals through death-like situations to appreciate their life. I agree that people need reminders to appreciate their lives more, but maybe just a reminder of how someone’s life is worse than theirs and remind them of everything they should be grateful for instead of death-like situations.

One thing he did an amazing job of was finding individuals to carry on his legacy, even in death he remained a figure to be feared. He did make a lasting impact on those left alive and even the other people not involved.

8. Darth Maul (Star Wars I)

This Sith Lord is awesome. He has a double-sided RED lightsaber and he has horns protruding from head, and he had blotchy red and black skin color.

In addition, while he was unable to destroy the Jedi and be like Darth Vader he is better than Darth Vader. Why? Because his vengeance and rage was less manipulated than Anakin Skywalker was, he knew what he was getting into and was less easily controlled.

9. Darth Vader (Star Wars III, IV, V)

As stated above I feel that Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker was a mistake in a way, if Obi-Wan Kenobi did not take Anakin as his apprentice, and was less blind-sided to how repressed Anakin was maybe Darth Vader would not have been created. Anakin had issues he saw his mom die, and his mom and he were slaves, so he hated slave owners. His hate grew more and more but this time for more than slave owners and really the world, besides Padma at one point in time.

However, when Palatine convinced his weak-willed mind that she would somehow betray him he went off the deep end. He killed a bunch of Palawan, and he ended up almost killing his wife, he tried killing his own kids, and tried to kill his master. That is just seriously bad and dare I say it evil.

10. Venom (Spider-Man)

Venom is another extraterrestrial being that is a parasite; it latches on and takes over its host. I personally think Venom can be bad or good, it just depends on whom it latches to, and feelings and emotions confuse it.

It could be a villain if the person it latches to is bad, like a criminal, or it can latch to a person who is good like a cop or morale-person. Nevertheless, everyone is got a bit of evil inside of him or her and venom is influenced by this.

In this case, Venom is a shape-shifter and he does cause harm to the host the host has degenerative psychologically and they become more corruptible. This is where the host may feel less guilt towards committing a crime like murder or maiming, and other crimes. That is the main reason I see venom as a villain.

The Joker (Batman)

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