The End Game: Tell Me How YOU Really Feel

Throughout this blog I have not been trying to sway you from dating or marriage (or have I?), as I stated in the beginning I just want to know WHY people date and marry.

Since I certainly have never found any appeal in it, it all seems frivolous to me. It actually still kind of does at his point if I am being honest. I can really only see the ugly face of relationships rearing itself, more so than the optimistic beautiful side of love that people can see.

All love seems to be, to me, is just a game. I do not play games with things I truly care about, that means you are not really taking it seriously, and that the entire end is to win.

Would you treat love as if it was game? If you do then I hope you realize that the feeling you get when you win is fleeting and short.

Sure, you feel amazing when you win, but once that feeling gone what is left?

An empty an insatiable thirst for more victories to fill that emptiness is what is left.

However, what is the point of falling in love (if you ever truly do) if its fake in all matters since it is all just a game? Love really is not the objective here, it is winning.

Of course, I recognize not all relationships and people treat love like game, but still the expectations and goals one goes into the relationship with sets up the board game. “I want to have this, this, and this in the relationship can you give this to me? If you can’t then I don’t want to date you.”

This is the message I get from relationships now. Moreover, isn’t that what happens when people go on dates to get to know the other person better? They see if their needs can be fulfilled, and both parties do it.

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