Ask Not What Love Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Love

As John F. Kennedy would say

except in terms of love just substitute out "country" for "love."

Love makes people happy.

It “gives you hope in this dark and dreary world,” makes you feel wanted, makes you feel needed and important, as if you have a purpose in life now. You are complete, and satisfies you need (“basic needs”).

Therefore, if love does that for you then I can understand why people decide to date and marriage. They want happiness, and I would never deny anyone the pleasure of fulfilling that happiness.

However, sometimes it is not all black and white. There is such a thing as a grey area in love, things can go bad, good, or okay. One minute it can be calm as the ocean, and the next minute waves are crashing on the sand and destroying everything around it.

Then there are moments when everything may seem okay, but there is evil lurking in the background, and has not reached you yet, so you are safe for a while.

Even though love can do this what happens when that love dies? What do you then gain from it, pain, or even heartbreak?

Then there are a few options that they could follow, you fix the relationship or you leave it as it is. If you decide to go down the path of recovery here is a list to help you along the way:

  • There is relationship counseling,

  • Spending more alone time together

  • Just talk it out and get all the problems out in the open

By doing this, your relationship becomes healthier and stronger in the process, but if you decide to leave the relationship then you do nothing.

So, if the relationship heals, then I feel that the love felt and given will be 10x stronger. If you do decide to leave the relationship, then you may have just lost a perfectly wonderful relationship and a chance at true love (or . . . not).

#love #happiness #relationships

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