How To Deal With Heartbreak?

When something hurts badly it takes a while to heal. So how do we heal a pain that grows every day? People handle the pain in many different ways. Through eating away the pain, beating up a punching bag, writing out the problem, listening to music, exercising to relieve stress, crying over chick flicks while eating a pint/gallon of ice cream, shopping, and doing nothing. It really depends on the person though. Everyone is unique in his or her own ways, and they react differently to the situations.

Viewers discretion advised.

So have any of you ever seen Adult Swim “The Five Stages of Grief?”if not please watch the video above.

Did you noticed the five stages that people go through?

  • Denial

  • Anger

  • Bargaining

  • Depression

  • Acceptance

Denial would be when they deny that there was a problem in the relationship.

Anger would be the realization that that you were stupid enough to stay in a relationship.

Bargaining would be when you when you decide whether or not they can still be friends with them.

Depression would be when the realization that your alone. Like The Pussycat Dolls song “I Hate This Part” says “I can't take it any longer thought that we were stronger all we do is linger slipping through our finger I don't want to try no all that's left is goodbye to find a way that I can tell you I hate this part right here.”

Finally, though, finally at one point the realization, which is acceptance, that you are in a better place and you can say, “I have seen the light.”

While not everyone goes through the steps and they can skip them. For example, they can skip the bargaining, or they skip denial, and depending on the type of breakup, they may not go through all of them.

So that is the lesson of the day folks, “Heartbreak hurts like a b***h,” as some would say.

And you can’t avoid it no matter what you do, unless you decide to avoid dating and marriage.

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