To Flee or Not To Flee’ Is the Question

As you can guess, today I shall be discussing when it is time to leave a romantic relationship. So how do you know? It's time to say bye.

According to “Psychology Today” you should leave when:

  • You’ve been abused

  • Cheated on repeatedly (because once a cheater always a cheater)

  • Ineffective communication

  • Substance abuse to things like alcohol and drugs

  • Chronic arguing

  • You’re partner refuses to receive counseling if they/both of you have issues

  • Unfriendly interactions

  • They don’t want the same goals as you

  • Being emotionally blackmailed daily

  • If they want to leave you can’t stop them (well . . . you could try).

And just for kick and giggles here's 11 more reasons to leave a relationship:

  • Small Irritations that Grate over Time

  • Unacceptable Behaviors that were not revealed at the Beginning of the Relationship

  • Mutually Exclusive Important Needs

  • Diminishing Illusions (meaning potential disappointments)

  • External Stressors

  • Power Struggles

  • Becoming superficial

  • Boredom

  • Deadness where the relationships doesn’t grow or scar, or only scars, or only grows

  • Self-Serving Escapes that Become More Important than the Primary Relationships

  • Escalating Misunderstandings and Misassumptions

Therefore, now that you have your reasons to leave. It’s time to pick the lesser of your evils be in relationship where you’re unhappy or where you leave the relationship you hurt but you know you can eventually be happy. Then you have to consider how you partner/lover will be effected.

Ask yourself, if you leave them then how will they feel? Will they be utterly crushed and broken to the core where they can never recover again? Just kidding. It is not as if they would end up being that broken up.

Right? Well, the point here is that there are consequences to being involved in a relationship. If you build something, you either break it down yourself or others do it for you, either way there will be pain and suffering occurring in every stage of the relationship.

#love #relationships

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