How To Stay Alive In A Horror Film? - Day 3

A lone figure is walking, more close to running, to the forest for some possible safety and coverage in the forest. The sound of panting and the rustling and crunching of leaves can be heard over your footsteps. As you approach the entrance of the forest, you look into the sky and see a blood red moon shining down.

You slow down slightly and begin to study your surroundings more, there is slight fog rising from the creek, and mostly leafless trees around.

“Well looks like there is no place to hide really,” you mutter silently, “Oh well, I’ll make do somehow-maybe if. . .”.

Unfortunately, your stomach rumbling interrupts your thoughts, “Well that’s great! I’m stuck in some horror-like space, with some unknown entity trying to kill me, and I’m hungry, what else could go wrong?” you think sarcastically.

“How am I to get food? How?” you mutter silently. Approaching a little hideout area beneath a tree and out of sight, you decide to check your supplies.

“Okay so I have a First-Aid Kit, it has:

  • Plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes

  • (4) Small, (4) medium, and (4) large sterile gauze dressings

  • 2 sterile eye dressings

  • 1 Triangular bandage

  • 1 Crêpe rolled bandage

  • 4 Disposable sterile gloves

  • 1 Tweezer

  • 1 Scissor

  • 4 Alcohol-free cleansing wipes

  • 1 Roll of Sticky tape

  • Thermometer (preferably digital)

  • Skin rash cream

  • Spray to relieve insect bites and stings

  • Antiseptic cream

  • 8 tablets of 200mg Painkillers/Ibuprofen

  • 50mL of cough medicine

  • 180mg of Allegra Antihistamine tablets

  • 25mL Distilled water for cleaning wounds

  • 25mL Hydrogen Peroxide

  • A small box of Band-Aids

Then I have a chemical compound mixture of ethanol and nitrous oxide, and hydrogen peroxide and Nail Polish/Acetone. Finally, I have three thermos cups, one with nitrous oxide and ethanol mixture and two hydrogen peroxide and nail polish mixture, and then one 250mL glass beaker, and one 50mL Erlenmeyer flask.

“What can I even catch? Well I don’t have a knife or a lighter, so what can I did up . . ., wait dig up, I know” you think, “A disgusting as it is I can try to find some edible herbs and maybe some insects.”

“The creek is running and I think that could be edible water, but I do not want to risk un-sterile water. SO what can I use then?" you wonder.

You look around and spot an empty water bottle, "Perfect, I can place the bottle into the beaker, use some tape to hold the gauze over opening, add sand in first, then add pebbles over top, and then slowly pour some water from the creek,” you think silently out loud.

"First I just have to cut the bottom of the water bottle off, I can probably do that with a sharp rock or something," you think,

"Let's see," you think, while shifting through to find a sharp rock, "Ah, ha!" you proclaim, as you pick up a rock and jaggedly cut the bottom of the water bottle off.

Then you place the bottle into the beaker, add your sand, pebbles/rocks, and water, "That should do it, and then it should be safe to drink, Go me! Thank you Wilderness Survival Class." you think.

After you have started to filter the water, you shift the ground and look under the dead tree branches, rocks, and roots a find some ants, beetles and crickets. You put them on a rock, smash them together, and say “Bon Appetite de Bug Mush”.

By the time, you finish eating your bug mush, your water has been filtered and you drink your water. “Okay, so my hunger and thirst are gone for now, so what now?” you say, while looking around the forest.

All of a sudden, you feel another presence standing right behind you. You have no idea what it is, but decide to turn around and face it head on. When you turn around you see a black shadowy figure with red gleaming eyes standing 12 feet behind you, standing near a deathly ill-looking tree. Turning around slightly you get ready to run at any slight chance they may try to attack you hear them say in a low whispery voice, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you?”

You slowly look back at the figure and say “Why not? You could try to kill me” you say skeptically sizing up the figure.

“Well, because I’m the reason you’re here” it says as matter-o-fact like.

You have a look on your face that is between anger, fear, and flabbergasted. “You are the reason I’m here fighting for my life?” you ask.

The figure shakes it head and feeling like a volcano about to burst you reach into your side pocket of the backpack ready to throw some of the chemical at it.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” it says shaking it slowly glides towards you, “do you really think that’s a smart thing to do, trying to kill your only way out of here alive” it scolds.

Moving your hand away from the thermos, watching it as it moves, you say back, “Well, what else am I to do?” you yell back exasperatedly.

“I have a proposition for you, if you want to make it out of here alive let’s make a deal” it offers.

“And why should I take your offer?” you respond.

“Well I am your only option out of here alive. I promise you this,” it says smugly, “and I am only leaving this offer open for the next 3 minutes,” it says.

Considering your options, you think, “I can wander around here for a while and hope I can make it back alive, die trying or listen to this stranger.

“Alright, you have a deal” you say “What’s your offer? What are the rules? And what do I get if I win?” you fire off.

The shadowy figure moves to stand 3 feet way from you and answers “Smart choice. First off, the rules are simple. You ONLY have four choices; you can head back to the school, head south, head east, or head west. In addition, you have one chance/one life, if you can make it can make it back to the forest alive you will be allowed to return to your life. However, if you lose you die. Simple enough right?” it responds.

“Fine as long as you’re not lying then I agree,” you say.

“Then please state your choice, whatever you choose I will transport you to your destination,” it says.

"I want to go. . ."

Please come back next week to continue your journey, there will be a link to each option just click on "How To Survive in A Horror Film Day 3 Options"from there you will click on your option and see if you survive or not.

#horror #choices #stayalive

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