How to Stay Alive In a Horror Film? - Day 1

In the spirit of Halloween and horror film lovers I decided to make this blog for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you ever watched horror films? If you have, then you understand all the dumb decisions characters in horror films make. I plan to advise you on how to survive in a horror film IF you were suddenly transported inside the movie.

(Beginning of the Scene)

You just got back from work and decided to watch some TV to relax from your tiring day, when flicking between channels it lands on a classic horror film. You decide to watch it, but you are so tired that you drift asleep during the film. But then something weird happens, when you open your eyes you’re in a pitch black room. As you look around for any sign of life you say “What’s going on? Where am I?”

Suddenly fog rises from the floor as an eerie chuckle seeps from every surface of the room, and a mysterious voice whispers “Hmm, it seems another one of you have appeared. Will you be able to survive until the end of the movie or die like the others?” it asks.

“What are you talking about? Is this a joke or something? This is just some weird dream I can wake up whenever I want” you say to the mysterious voice.

You begin walking around, looking for any door to leave through, you even try closing your eyes and pinching yourself to wake up, but nothing works. “Yeah right man, this is just some joke, and if it is a dream then I control it” you respond.

“Then try not to die” says the mysterious voice.

As the mysterious voice fades, a light shines down on a door, walking through the fog you reach the door. The door you notice looks very old, has some dried red flecks on the keyhole, yet there is nothing on the door. Thinking that this is a joke and after you open the door you’ll be awake back in your living room, you open the door. A bright light encompasses the whole room and the very first time to you blink and reopen your eyes your back in your living room, TV and all. “Well that was weird,” you think to yourself.

“At least it’s over now” you say as you head over to grab some food from the refrigerator.

When reaching into the refrigerator to pull out (your favorite food) you hear something fall to the floor. It could have been from the basement or the floor above you, do you (a) investigate the noise (b) do nothing and go back to watching TV or (c) quietly grab your keys and leave to stay somewhere else for the night. Which would be your best option? Did you choose option A, B or C? Let’s see what happens!

(Scenario A)

Deciding to investigate the noise, you shut the refrigerator and head up/down the stairs. As you walk down/up the stairs, you flick the switch to turn the lights on, but they do not turn on. “That’s weird” you say to yourself, shrugging your shoulders you continue your path, down the dark hallway, you see your favorite picture has fallen to the floor.

You lean down to pick up the picture and place it back on the wall, but you feel a presence behind you. You turn around thinking it’s probably nothing, but scream silently as you come face-to-face with an unknown assailant. Before you can even blink it’s all over. You’re dead. A mysterious voice chuckles darkly saying “I warned you to be careful, but you didn’t listen. Did you?”

(Scenario B)

“Ah it’s probably nothing, I’m too hungry to worry about that” you say to yourself, as you grab your food and carry it back to the couch.

You turn the channel to your favorite show, and eat your food. Once you’re done eating you take your plates to the sink, and leave them there for the morning. Deciding it’s time to turn in for the night you turn off the TV and head to bed. You change into your pajamas, get into bed, and fall asleep. As you are sleeping a dark figure comes out from the shadows and hovers over your sleeping body. The dark figure has a sharp knife and brings it down, ending your life. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, you thought you were safe. How naive you are or should I say you were?” says the mysterious voice.

(Scenario C)

“What’s that’” you whisper to yourself.

“If that voice was right . . . then what if someone is trying to kill me? Am I really trapped in a nightmare” you think to yourself.

Pondering this you decided that it would be best to quietly and quickly grab your phone and keys and leave for the night. Grabbing your keys and shoes you head out to the door to your car, put your keys in your ignition and drive away. As you drive away you see a dark figure leaving through the front door, as you drive to a friend’s place you call the police to investigate your house. Suddenly, the radio turns on, the mysterious voice can be heard again, “Well, well, well, it seems you do have a brain after all, you passed the first test will you survive the others?”

The car is and road is then enshrouded in fog and you are taken back to the pitch black room . . .

What will happen next? Will you survive? Will you die? You’ll just have to find out in the next blog!

#horror #survival

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