​What Factors Effect Your Music Preferences?

Welcome back readers, today I would like to look more in depth to what shapes your music preference. Wouldn't you like to know how and why your taste in music is influenced ?

Different music genres

Lets Be Real

You know how humans like to think that that they are one island and nothing can effect us, well if I can be real here for a second humans are little islands that are interconnected to other islands and cannot function properly without one another.

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know.

The Factors

Factor 1 - Identities

An identity is an important thing, it is determined by a number of things. An individual’s gender, ethnicity/race, age, occupation, beliefs, native language, and level of education. These things make us, well us.

Factor 2 - Personalities

Personality, what is it? Well look at these individuals above from Mr. Men's Show they are all unique in their own way. They have individual differences that come from our relationships, skills, habits, attitudes, memories, and values.

Factor 3 - Kinesthetics

Kinesthetics is a way people learn by actually moving and doing what they learn, think of it as how the body reacts to music. Notice how when you listen to music your body movements, and heart beat follow along with the musics beats. It is influenced in the personality of dance, and the intensity of exercise.

Factor 4 - Music Socialization

Music socialization is how people interact with music. For example, did you know that your music choices are influenced by your friends, parents, exposure, political values, cultural influence, and lyrical content knowledge.

Factor 5 - Rhythmical Components & Structural Components

The rhythm and structure and the music is rather important, it does help develop one's music preference. Notice how the tempo and rhythm is slow in sad music, but when the tempo and rhythm is fast paced for happy music. Small things like that really do make a difference.

Factor 6 - Cognitive & Psychological Elements

This is a big component. How you think? Why you exhibit certain behaviors? This includes major parts of oneself, their personality, psychological mindset including psychological disorders.

Factor 7 - Substance Use

Substance use includes the use of alcohol and/or drugs. It influences our behaviors and brain. There are known side effects of using substances, but it can also be used to condition animal behavior. For instance, did you know that rats can be conditioned to perform certain behaviors when introduced to certain drugs.

Factor 8 - Mood and Emotion

Notice how when you are in certain mood or the music choices differ, For example, if you are sad do you find yourself listening to more melancholy and sad songs, or do you listen to happier upbeat music to get out of your funk. Or you went through a bad break up and now your on a angry-sad Taylor Swift binge OR really any song that disses your ex-partner.

What Did I Learn Today?

If I did this correctly than you can understand that these factors above effect your music preference. But remember that even if your preference can be changed, overall as a whole one's music preference remains the same when transitioning from a teenager to a young adult.

#musicpreference #identity #personality #kinesthetics #musicsocialization #cognitive #pyschological #rhythmandstructure

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